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Meet the new Windows


Welcome to the getting started series

Each email in this series will help you get familiar with the new features, apps, and settings in Windows 8.1. In this first email, we’ll go over the basics.Your Start screenRight from your Start screen, you are one click or tap away from search or shutdown. Whether it’s checking in on your friends, viewing websites and files, or just using your favorite apps, everything you want to do on your device is available from the Start screen.

Helpful tip: Easily get to the familiar desktop or go directly to the taskbar where you can pin your favorite apps for easy access. The familiar taskbar makes it easier to open or switch between apps.

Live Tiles
The tiles on your Start screen make it easy to see emails, calendar appointments, social posts and even the weather without opening a single app.

Helpful tip: You can quickly see every app on your device by sliding up from the middle of your Start screen (or clicking the down arrow near the lower-left corner of Start)

Search, share, print, and more
Charms help you easily do the things you do most often, like search, share links and photos, connect other devices, and change settings. To view them, just swipe in from the right edge of your screen (or point with your mouse to the lower-right corner).

Helpful tip: You can always get back to your Start screen simply by touching or clicking the Start charm . And, if you're already on your Start screen, the Start charm will take you back to the last app you used.

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